If you haven’t heard, Samsung is close to releasing the Galaxy Tab which is an Android 2.2 Tablet with some 7 inch (1,024 x 600 pixel resolution) screen goodness. Also confirmed is that it will be running the ARM11 Hummingbird Processor which equals 1 GHz  of power under the hood. The Galaxy Tab will also have two cameras, a 3.2 on the back and a front facing 320 x 240. The Galaxy Tab will also have 3G and a built in eBook app. So what do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Tab chances against the iPad? Forgot to mention the Galaxy Tab will also have Swype. :)

Check out the video for more information: http://www.galaxytab.samsungmobile.com/

Thanks Kristofer!



  1. i’m still not sure if apple’s success with the iPad is due to the current state of hypnosis the company has consumers in, or if people actually want a tablet computer.

    that being said: OMGOMG I WANT THIS!!!!

  2. Agreed! Let’s hope that 3rd party accessory companies realize how big the Tab is going to be and start making some slick cases with integrated BT keyboards like the ClamCase for the ipad. Can’t wait for this to go live :D

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