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Mars Smash on Android Now

So I’m getting really tired of waking up with these damn headaches, it feels like a hangover but that’s rather impossible since I don’t drink, at least not in the last 10 years. I’ve got it down to a dull ache so I can finally get something done this morning. Anyway here’s something interesting for you, a game that is on Android first and with a coming soon to iTunes, that rarely happens huh?! The game is called Mars Smash and it looks to be a side scrolling shooter involving aliens invading earth.

Independent game developer SixDead Entertainment has released "Mars Smash" for free through Android Market and will be released on March 19th on iTunes App Store.

Game Features :

-Real 3D stunning graphics, character and weapons
-Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
-Countless hours of gameplay with 3 different adventure world
-Upgrade your gun to run even further
-Over 30 Achievements
-High Score Online Leaderboards

Mars Smash trailer is available on youtube.

Mars Smash itself can be downloaded directly from Android Market and soon on iTunes app store.