Well lookie here, today’s sessions brought quite a pleasant surprise to the floor.  New Mango phones!  So we’ve managed to snag a screen shot taken from the keynote plus a live demo so dive in and enjoy some fresh Mango.  The Samsung which bears a resemblance to the recent Galaxy S II appears to possess a front facing camera.  So what else does Microsoft have to do to show you they and their partners are committed to Windows Phone?


Video Demo:


  1. Well the big msft is now on the loose they dont have the ANTI TRUST LAW SUIT ON THEIR BUTt.. Redmond owns the technology in the world, we all know that. Windows phone, Xbox live,windows8,Xbox,Skype,Nokia,facebook!!!! Come on now.. Google???? Apple??? No comparison, they will be up there again with windows phone……NO DOUBT!!!

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