Man this whole XBox XNA = Windows Phone 7 thing will never get old Mommy’s Best Games has posted a YouTube video showing a smoke test of the XBox game Shoot 1UP in the WP7 emulator. It’s a classic space shooter like Raiden. Here’s the smoke test:

Here’s what the game looks like on Xbox to give you an idea what to expect at regular speed:

Yup- Xbox in the palm of your hand. Interested in seeing how they choose to do controls, but I’ll be patient


  1. this is why i will be getting a wp7, even if they totally bomb on all the little shit

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  3. […] A little over a year ago we talked about the Indie game Shoot 1Up from Mommy’s Best Games who was just working on a port of their Xbox Indie game for Windows Phones. Now they have made a lot of progress and have some news – it’s going to be an Xbox Live title on Windows Phones available in January. In converting this game for Windows phones they’ve made a few enhancements: […]

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