Ugh! After a long weekend of waiting patiently (not so much) by my email waiting for the boys at to hook me, it finally came late Sunday night and I was able to finally unlock my brand spankin’ new T-Mobile HTC HD2! Prior to getting it unlocked, I was not disappointed in my 4.3 inch WVGA, Wifi Media Player either! It was awesome reading emails, watching the Transformers Movies that came on the 16gb Storage Disk, and watching HD YouTube Full Screen! I am excited to use the HD2 and see how I like using this device as a phone. I do not have a case, belt holster is my preference, or a screen protector, but I am on it this morning looking for who I am going to use. So for now, I am sporting it in the supplied Gel Skin and got to say  like the no slip back as it keeps it in place on my truck counsel.

So head on over to my boys at and get your unlock code. It will take 1-3 days and cost $30.00. HTC has not updated the SIM Database yet and the codes have to obtained from T-Mobile which takes some time, and the added $10.00 for the normally priced $19.95. I will also say their customer service is pretty good. I got 14 emails exchanged with them as they kept me updated on what was going on. So my hats off to them as I start a brand new week with my HTC HD2 from T-Mobile.

One other thing I almost forgot, you will need to add the AT&T Network Settings which can be added by using this cab from my buddy Doug Simmons who hooked me up with it. Check it out here on

Stay tuned for as I blog and Twitter about here on Mobility Digest. While I was bored this weekend I PS’d this photo waiting for this article… Enjoy and have a GREAT WEEK everyone!!


  1. Please confirm whether this accepts ATT 3G speeds. Thx. I don’t believe that it does.

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  3. . i am considering one of these devices on att. and im curious how the data speeds are? im a medium data user and ive been wondering if the magnificent specs of this device make a better experience without the 3g speeds?

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