Now the iPhone 4S SIRI, which has Artificial Intelligence muscle powered by Wolfram Alpha engine thinks the best cellphone out there as Nokia Lumia 900 4G Mobile Phone – Cyan (AT&T) as the best one in the market. It is funny and most interesting result. Siri thinks Lumia as the bestThe Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that is developed by Wolfram Research. Wolfram Alpha differentiates itself from other search engines by computes answer from a structured data rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that contain an answer or not.

Try ask an iPhone 4S “What is the best cell phone ever”, and it will tell you Nokia Lumia 900 4g Mobile Phone – Cyan (AT&T). Now that is funny.

What would Steve Jobs do, if he were alive and saw this?

For the unbelieving eyes that still think it is Photoshop job just go to Wolfram Alpha web site and type in the same question “What is the best cell phone ever” and you would be surprised to see this:

Wolfram Alpha



  1. This is the most retarded thing ever. When I asked Siri “what is the best cell phone ever?” it goes to a location search. When asked “what is the best cell phone? Siri responds “Wait… there are other cell phones?” I could not reproduce it on my iPhone 4S no matter how I reworded the question.

  2. Ha ha I don’t think any unbiased source would name it as the best cellphone.

  3. Well I just asked Ziggy the same question, and he directed me to a page of web results showing Siri’s “best cell phone ever” comment with several site links.

    So that confirms it, Siri must be telling the truth.

  4. […] we found it so humorous that the iPhone recommends the Lumia 900 cyan as the best smartphone ever based on reviews…and then we have to take our own […]

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