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Mobility Digest new feature on sidebar stock updates

I wanted to give Doug Simmons a slap on the back for a new widget he tweaked and added to the Mobility Digest sidebar that he is presently calling lol stocks!?. It simply has all of the major mobility stocks of interest displayed for your easy viewing. From time to time we report on a mobile companies stock  health whether it be Apple’s stock value which seems closely tied to Steve Job’s or Google’s up and down trends. I am not saying that Simmons gave Google preferential treatment being on top the list because of the continual cannonball he does into the Google Kool Aid, but I am hoping a little coding and time on his part will add a sorting feature by stock performance.

So head on over to Mobility Digest and check out our sidebar to keep close tabs on your favorite companies stock value and let us know if you would like to see a stock added. Any other suggestions for our website are always welcome so please use the contact us button at the top or just leave a comment here.

BTW, it’s always worth a look at our current poll that is also on the sidebar that Simmons manages as well. Thanks again to Doug for his efforts and let us know how we can improve Mobility Digest.