@skywallet: Ok…Sky Wallet for Windows 8 is officially in development! It will run on both Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro devices, stay tuned! Yippie I A, Oh my. 5/6/2013 6:17:44 PM


  1. Sky Wallet was the first, and is still the best (IMHO) password app for Windows Phone. It has seen continuing support and improvements these past 2.5 years. There is a desktop client for Sky Wallet, which syncs seamlessly with the WP app (via SkyDrive), but you can’t install that program on a Win 8 RT tablet. This news will change all that. And although the current desktop client was designed with touch in mind, this new app will take advantage of everything Win 8 has to offer. It is a good day.

  2. I rely on Sky wallet a lot just bought a surface rt with win 8.1 when is the win 8 version going to be released?

  3. I hear ya. Last time I communicated with the developer he was working on it. Think it’s time to check in with him again. If I hear anything I will provide an update.

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