“A Nice Piece of Glass” — This is totally awesome. Look out for Google fanboys claiming this is the next best thing since sliced bread. Now I have to watch for the DBs that wear these and drive, and the clowns that get distracted to look at these douchebags while on the road.


  1. I don’t care for the term but I’d say anyone here would call me a Google fanboy, so as a Google fanboy let me say I have zero interest in Google Glass, I doubt its pervasiveness is where the future lies at least in this decade.

    That said, are you certain being able to look at your navigation thing, your speedometer, tach, and have the ability to change the radio station and the air conditioner or whatever without moving your hands off the wheel and looking down is a bad thing? I have a hard time believing Google will launch a product that will elevate the odds of its users dying and killing other people, absolving themselves of responsibility with a warning label, versus making very sure this thing, one way or another, won’t be dangerous. Making you look like a dee-bag yes, making you die, doubtful, to me.

    • try to encounter a glasshole driver who is wearing Google Glass and probably you won’t be there after that to realize anyway…

  2. I do not need to reply, but I need to see that text “Could you pick up milk on the way home?” Atleast once a week.
    The phone is in my pocket, and I don’t see the message until I am in my driveway.
    Of course a car holder for my device would be the answer, but a message indicator on either my dash or an led on my device would solve the problem too.
    While I don’t think Glass is doomed to failure, I don’t see any interest from the general public. Kinda like Bluetooth earpieces, I don’t see many in use.
    I have a Sony MW1, but it is only on about 10% of the day. I don’t get enough communications to leave it on. I mostly just use it for music.
    P.S. Thank you for restoring the comment system. Page loaded much quicker.

    • If guess if voice announce (and reply) turned on when connected to BT (actually I think that’s already an option) or when your phone is traveling more than 20mph, you wouldn’t forget that milk as often. Might even save a few lives.

      • So I was watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last night, he said some study revealed that doing the Bluetooth stuff as you described is actually about as distracting and dangerous as using your phone normally while driving. I found that a bit hard to believe but hey, Brian Williams.

        Interesting how much you guys rip on a product about which we have limited details, in part because many of those details don’t exist yet because it’s not done. If not in Google, have a little bit of faith in our wonderful government not to let anyone sell something as dangerous as you’re very prematurely portraying it to be.

        Especially you Jim, given that, by nature of the passage of time, you already pose an elevated threat behind the wheel. And you too Ram, since you’re accustomed to driving on the wrong side of the road and have trouble understanding the meaning of road signs. Perhaps these things will be able to Google Translate and overlay “STOP” for you so that you don’t have to look down and flip through your dictionary while driving.

  3. There’s a ton of products that “the government” allows that do cause the loss of lives on a daily basis… alcohol, anyone?
    To absolve themselves of any legal entanglements all google, or any other company would need to do is put on the packaging that it’s dangerous to use the product while driving. Much like you get a sticker on a new phone that says “Don’t text and drive”. But that’s a cheap, and relatively easy band aide, right? If company’s really wanted to help they would build the devices so that if the gps (or cell tower info) reads them going at a certain speed, all text, email, or input services would be turned off and calls would only be available over bluetooth.
    But that would be too damn easy.

  4. Yes, I find Bluetooth distracting, while driving, trying to have a conversation. But less so than texting.
    I am looking forward to Glass, integrated into my glasses.
    I thought they said this year, but now they are saying another year. That’s OK, take your time and get it right. And safe to use.

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