No! Skype, which is now the property of Microsoft will not be exclusive for WP7 or something like that. Today’s release shows us that Skype is indeed going to continue its support and will update its client on various platforms. Skype 2.0 for Android finally brings the video call support. The iOS version of Skype has already got this feature.

But similar to Netflix and Hulu, Skype’s video call feature will support only a limited number of Android devices – in this case only four: HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and the Google Nexus S. All other Android Smartphones can still enjoy all the new features and enhancements of Skype 2.0.


The redesigned UI lets you change your Skype profile details right from your Android device, set your mood status, send SMS, make calls using the dial pad, check the balance of your Skype Credit and, of course, make video calls.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Android Market, install the app and call your buddies on any Skype friendly device.


  1. Though for now it takes a little trip to XDA, Skype with video is also working on the Samsung Galaxy S 1 and 2, the HTC Thunderbolt, the EVO 4G, and the EVO 3D, bumping that list up to nine phones and counting. Me, I’m not a video chatter, but if I were I don’t know why I’d use this over Google Talk which I’ve got on my phone including audio and video and not tied to wifi only.

    Though half are presently unofficial with this video thing, that’s about how many different Windows Phone phones that have been released, none of which run Skype at all (well at least I’m not seeing WP mentioned on the Skype download page), all of which I have yet to spot in the wild — still. I swear I look hard.

    How’s the subscriber growth of Google Talk compare to that of Skype’s right now? And could you maybe clear up for us, Jagan, whether it’s GTalking or GChatting, or are both acceptable terms?

  2. I am an AT&T user. I am getting a Samsung Inspire 4G. Will there be video chat for this new modle phone? Should be able to video chat on ANY smartphone with a front facing camera!

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