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Fruit Ninja has made 7x more money on Windows Phone 7 than Android

That’s a pretty significant stat. A new platform was able to make a developer 7x as much money and it both had more sales and those sales were at a higher price point. For the Android fans that are going to tell me about their free software, we have a free clone of Fruit Ninja as well (called Pirates Ahoy) but that lacks the Xbox Live tie-ins. And we’re told Fruit Ninja is one of seven apps to gross over $100k for WP7 already. Again, for a young platform, not bad at all. As more devices on more carriers are unleashed the spread should only grow larger.

Developers can already start to see that WP7 is the real deal, so may as well jump on to a platform that actually promotes and pays you and not one that’s linked to free games and piracy.

via EverythingWM