They’re showing it off at CES. It’s a Windows 8 core OS (no new UI) running on an ARM chip which is Snapdragon in this case. So your PC and phone can use the same low power chips. Nvidia (Tegra), Intel and Texas Instruments also showed their processors. There’s hardware acceleration speeding up everything, even IE9 and HTML5. Those ARM chips running early software are outperforming my Windows 7 PC. I didn’t think it was such a big deal…but it’s legit. Let’s see how ultra cheap and small PCs with instant on and huge battery lives are going to compete with the traditional mobile market.


  1. now that’s what I call innovation!!! Can’t wait for next year CES to see the full blown Windows 8 UI.

  2. @adp: I was impressed enough with that Courier type thing and the AMD chip with real battery life…but the SOC demo – wow

  3. @DavidK: Yes, the Asus dual screen Tablet/Notebook. That thing looks awesome, but the Samsung Slider is also a great looking tablet.

  4. @adp: and did you see the Surface? who said Windows 7 is not capable of touch? Surface is running on top of Win7. The OEMs just need to invest and make a really good layer and it would be the iPad killer.

  5. btw, you wrote HTML9. Should be IE9/HTML5.

    watched the notebook parts, i actually liked the dual screen and the phone which slide shut to be a tablet. they looked quite interesting.

  6. My theory is this is a precursor to the next version of Windows Phone, which will be more closely related to the desktop version of Windows thereby increasing integration between the two and finally providing the kind of integration apple has shown for years in their products.

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