Spb Mobile Shell has been a UI replacement for all us Windows Mobile guys for a very long time. It may have lost a little bit of market share with sexy HTC Sense, but it has been continually updated and is a super nice alternative to CHome or HTC TouchFlo 3D (Sense). SPB Mobile 3.5 has done a great job in utilizing 3D Graphics to really make Shell more appealing without sacrificing speed and stability. And it looks like SPB has no intention of stopping progress with Mobile Shell either. At MWC (Mobile World Conference) in Barcelona, SPB plans on announcing SPB Mobile Shell 5! Jumping from version 3.5 to version 5 is a good indicator that we are going to see some really nice advancements too, so I am pretty excited to see what SPB Mobile Shell 5 will have in store for us. My hope is that it continues to lighten the memory usage unlike HTC Sense 2.5 likes to chew up. In any case, check out the Ad that is circulating and hold tight as we wait for the announcement to happen at MWC!




  1. SBP Mobile Shell 5.0 has finally been laseered for Android as SPB Shell 3D. For $14.95, you get one of the most complete UI platforms ever. We have been keeping a close eye on SPB Mobile Shell since the beginning and we can’t believe this day has finally come. We know that $15 is more than what you would pay for many applications out right now, but SPB Shell 3D is worth the money. You get a 3D experience on your phone, and it has been created to work smoothly on every device in the market. Check out our hand’s on videos below, then hit the market link to get a one-of-a-kind UI.

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