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Dell Streak Is One Tough Glass Device!

That was a pretty weak play on words but what isn’t weak is the Dell Streak Screen! Called Gorilla Glass, The guys at Engadget got their hands on a Dell Streak and have demonstrated just how tough the Solid Gorilla Glass Screen is. Check it out, but be warned, it is pretty unnerving to watch:

The Solid Gorilla Glass screen, made by Corning, is getting explained by Paul Tompkins here:

Here is a little more about Gorilla Glass from Corning:

After undergoing a chemical strengthening process, Gorilla glass provides device manufacturers with a highly durable, scratch-resistant, liquid crystal display (LCD) cover. These features make Gorilla glass an ideal solution for personal electronic devices, such as mobile phones and notebook computers, and are especially valuable for products featuring touch-screen technologies.

Corning’s Gorilla glass is available in a variety of thicknesses, from 0.55 millimeters up to 2.0 millimeters, providing flexibility in device design as well as glass processing. It is an environmentally friendly aluminosilicate glass produced with Corning’s proprietary fusion draw process, which enables the production of uniform thin sheets with a pristine surface.

So is the Dell Streak screen tough enough for you?

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