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Sprint’s TP2 to Be Both CDMA and GSM?

Take a look at this screen shot being floated by unwiredview. It shows the Sprint version of the TP2 coming out third quarter this year (so far so good) and also states that it will have both CDMA and GSM bands. In ‘Reason for Development" it reads "Offer customers an international business tool to replace the need to rent or purchase a GSM only device while replacing the HTC Touch Pro. This is the #1 request from Enterprise accounts (CDMA/GSM)." Under network it states EVDO Rev. A/HSDPA. That’s all pretty impressive stuff. Here’s a head scratcher though: under OS/UI it states "Windows 7.X – TBD". Here I thought we were hopeful for WM 6.5. Windows Mobile 7 is slated for a 2010 release so it’s inconsistent with a Q3 phone release. So I’m highly doubtful of this claim, but let’s hope for those of you that use Sprint that the dual connectivity is a reality.

via Solsie