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Fennec Leak

Kernman of XDA provided a link to a leaked version of Fennec (Firefox mobile). As we know, a beta version of Fennec is expected next week. So what can I tell you about the leaked version? It is NOT the beta version scheduled for release. How do I know that? It lacks any form of stability. It is a whopping 23megs, requires a soft reset after installation and installs into the Games folder (which is oddly appropriate since navigating a webpage without a crash is a game). As of now, the load times are mediocre and responsiveness is questionable BUT we can still learn a few things about it. It is VGA and as we’ve seen with some other browsers the font is really really tiny. The keyboard does not automatically pop-up (even the keyboard icon does not come up automatically). You need to begin typing with the physical keyboard and then the onscreen keyboard may appear (this may be a problem for Diamond users unless they set a physical key to toggle the onscreen keyboard). And the default is to load the mobile version of the website (not the full version).

Here are a few photos to give you a sense as to what it currently looks like:



Now if you’ll excuse me I have some uninstalling to do.