After the shakeup at Microsoft today saw the departure of two long time Senior Managers in the Entertainment and Devices Division, will Steve Ballmer be able to resurrect the failing Mobile Device Division? Robbie Bach, who was the President of the Division for the last 5 years will hand over the reigns to Steve Ballmer with no successor to be named. J Allard, who was the Senior Vice President and 19 year veteran behind the Xbox and Zune platforms will also step down, but remain in a consulting role. Allard has stated that he does not intend to jump ship and head over to competitors Apple or Google, but pursue personal interests in “adventure sports”.

While this shakeup looks to be a good move on Microsoft’s part to restructure the Mobile Device Division prior to the launch of the Make or Break Windows Phone platform later this year, I am really not sure putting Steve Ballmer front and center is the best move either. Ballmer, the highly animated CEO for Microsoft and constant target for humor by the blogosphere, will have his hands full doing damage control and repairing the Windows Mobile brand which will now of course be called Windows Phone.

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So what do you think? Is the Ballmer the guy to resurrect the Windows Mobile Division? Vote now and let you voice be heard!

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  1. Ballmer isn’t going to be leading the Mobile Division, he runs the entire company and Mobile is a little, tiny piece of it. If anything, it just means they are going to throw some more middle management in since it’s impossible to replace Robbie Bach. And it’s not a shakeup, Bach has worked for the company for 22 years, and successfully launched Xbox and made it profitable. He’s just ready to go, but your story implies he’s being forced out.

  2. @Mark: Of course he runs the whole company, but his responsibility will obviously grow past overseeing the whole company and take more of lead role in the Mobile Division that better get off thier gluteus maximus and do something! My story never implied they are being forced out at all, and I do think it is shakeup when two huge figure heads in a company like Microsoft leave. I am sure they are ready to leave, I don’t disagree there, but I think you are putting words in my mouth as to why they are leaving. The bottom line is they are leaving…

  3. I guess I’ll have to cross Steve of the list for my barbecue next weekend, he’s going to a busy, busy man.

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