imageJust received the official email “Watch for “Super Monkey Ball,” available in the Games marketplace next week!”. We knew this was eventually coming, just not when.

We’ll fill you in on more details as we have it but we expect this one to rapidly climb through Marketplace once it’s released.


  1. Yeah, about as upset as I am about Netflix.

    Well as a gesture to you and your people, I pledge to take some moments to appreciate using a platform that will in fact “be just fine.” And in the event of a pile of things related to my phone lacking or being otherwise undesirable, because the people in charge of things still consider this phone stuff to be a priority to stay focused on, I can expect resources and updates. But the updates tend not to be fixes, a bundle of woops-we-forgot-about-that things, but new ideas, good ones, programmed and beamed over to my phone. Things like native Google Voice, turn by turn Google Maps or more lately vector imaging and great offline caching of navigation, wifi and USB tethering… NFC stuff incoming I hear, excellent cloud voice recognition in 15 languages (won’t ever need that but hey, nifty) and out in over 50 with TTS, ad blocker right on the market (though I like the ads — still like the thought that an ad brokerage’s phone thing doesn’t ban ad blocking, it’s right on the market), Google Music on its way, Google Books for the wife, Google Google Google and enough customers to sustain developer interest. In contrast to Windows Phone.

    Super Monkey Ball, huh. Super Monkey Ball. Okay. Yeah we got that but it’s only a wallpaper thing with two stars so yup, Super Monkey Ball on WP7 coming sometime in the near future (like NoDo always was…), grand slam for team Microsoft Marketplace and its liberally-spending patrons.

  2. I’m kind of curious as to who is actually in charge of Mobility Digest. And if it’s not Doug Simmons, why do they allow one of their writers to continue posting flamebait like this?

  3. Good question thed. I believe the hierarchy is Doug Smith (this is his site though he is receptive to advice, CEO, founder, bill payer, revenue collecter, final arbiter of whatever needs arbitrage which, unless I bash the Tea Party, tends to be cosmetic things) followed closely by David K, chief and most prolific and dedicated contributor who goes much further back with Doug Smith than I do, then me and then those of us who participate either in the form of writing articles, participating in threads, maintaining the site and behind the scenes banter and heads ups on what to write about). Kind of a community thing. Whatever it is, it’s got to be the opposite of WMPU from what I can gather for better or worse — in terms of your question.

    I’m afforded a whole lot of latitude as are the other writers, and I’d use the word encouraged, to let loose in their own way.

    In this case, were my flamebaiting to get out of hand in David K’s mind, Smith’s or the fellas collectively, Smith would discuss it with me and I’d oblige him without much debate based on the past which is made up with only a few incidents. This thing here, if it’s upsetting you and you’re curious where the line gets drawn, well I’m nowhere near it yet.

  4. I never said it offended or upset me. I think I’d have to quit the internet altogether if reading things like that really bothered me. It was just general curiosity on my part.

    Thanks for enlightening me :)

  5. @thed: If you’re really curious about what winds Simmons clock just email him from your AOL account on your smart phone that has a replacement non-OEM battery that you think is really 2200mAh and tell him Marissa Mayer quit and went to work for Apple and see what happens. :)

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