T-Mobiles website has the support forums open and you can now get some literature. One of the things you can learn there is an in-box insert that will come with the phone. Here it is, front and back:

And here’s their retail flier:

“Let us assist you in setting up and personalizing your phone in less than one hour. Nokia SmartStart support is complimentary! Begin your journey by visiting: setup.nokiausa.com to schedule your appointment.” That website is not live currently but I like the concept, I like the marketing an I like that Nokia is really putting itself out there to make sure that the day one experience is seamless.


  1. I need to set up my new nokia luma 710 and sync it to my old phone to transfer the information from the old one to the new one.

    Thank you Cindy

  2. I am trying to take music of my computer and send it to my phone
    please help me
    thank you bill

  3. I need help setting up my new nokia Lumia 710 and how to get my contacts and pictures from my old phone to the Lumia 710.

    Thank you

  4. Once you set up a Live account you should be backing up contacts to Hotmail and then when your phone syncs it copies those contacts. For photos on your PC go to Zune.net and download the software. That lets you sync photos videos and music from your PC.

  5. can i sync the info (ex: excel file, MsWord,… etc) to my Nokia Lumia 710 through Window Live Mesh. Pls Advise. TQVM

  6. I would like to schedule my appointment to set to learn about my new Lumia710. Would today be possible? Thanks

  7. I need help just getting started. I’m new to all this and have no idea how to use this lovely phone.

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