I am going to try to retrain reStrain myself here, and not because it is a cool Google Android device, but because it is a REALLY COOL Limited Edition Fender (Guitar) Google Android Device from T-Mobile, the My Touch! I have always loved Eric Clapton and think that the design is just awesome. Eric never plays anything but his Fender Stratocaster which has always given him his distractive sound that I really like. Eric will be the first to tell you he loves the Blues, but if you love the Blues too, but can’t hit a lick on a guitar, this might be the next best thing for you be more like Eric. Well, not really, but it is a very cool looking back cover design!

Preloaded with AndroidTM apps for people who love music.

  • FenderTM sunburst-finish inspired design.
  • Extra storage. 16GB SD card holds thousands of songs.
  • Preloaded with content and apps for music lovers.
  • Enhanced music player and 3.5 mm jack.


The T-Mobile My Touch Limited Edition Fender will only set you back $179.99 plus a two year commitment. For more information, head on over to T-Mobile or just CLICK HERE.


  1. You might even like to reStrain yourself! Or, at least retrain yourself to touch-typing?
    :) (Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.)

  2. rofl It IS pretty, yes. I’d love a real wood veneered phone over the fingerprint magnet. :)
    Too bad I do needlepoint instead of wood working or metal work – I would SO steampunk my phone!

  3. All I know is I got a MY TOUCH FENDER and it is awesome and I dont know if there are any unlocked versions from anywhere else but I am loving mine. If you have any questions or any info for me and MY FENDER email me at titus,robert.rt@gmail.com God bless you and thanks and Jesus loves you as well.

  4. Being a fan of Fender Guitars, this is absolutely the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I don’t think this phone will run on my network, but how cool is it? And they had Clapton in the advertisement? Totally excellent. Thanks for the cool post.

  5. i got 1, and im trying to sell mine..
    if anyone interesting let me know or contact me at “sila_konso90@yahoo.com”

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