Today everything is 1gHz processor which generally in most devices is coming from QUALCOMM. My HTC HD2 Windows Mobile device for example is being powered by the QUALCOMM 8250B 1gHz Snapdragon processor and it simply is awesome! And since then we have seen 1gHz processors being slammed in just about everything including just about all of the latest and greatest Android devices, except one. The new T-Mobile G2 went a different route and packed some 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230 goodness in it which left some people wondering why they wouldn’t go the powerhouse 1gHz everything else is using. Well, the boys at has laid out a really good comparison between the T-Mobile G2 that has the 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor in it and the Sprint Epic 4G which is powered by the 1GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 processor just to show you why. Check it out:

Keeping it real, the Epic 4G, which is the Samsung Galaxy S device does have a larger AMOLED screen to chew up some resources compared to the G2 which has a 3.7 LCD Screen. Regardless, I think HTC made a good choice of processor in a device that really made good use of it. Using the Android App Speed Pi, the Epic 4G scored 640ms compared to the G2 which scored a 511ms which lower is better in this test. On another speed test app called Quadrant, which is a more comprehensive test, the Epic 4G scored 953 where the G2 scored 1559 where higher is better.

Our own Ramon Trotman did a review on the G2 where you can grab some more information, check it out here:

 Mobility Digest Review: T-Mobile G2


  1. Looks like a great implementation of the processor. I don’t think screen size makes a difference unless you have a different pixel density. They’re both running 800×480.

  2. Nice video. Two things you didn’t mention are that the Epic killed the G2 as far as FPS go on quadrant, but more importantly you didn’t mention that the G2 is running 2.2 and the Epic is still at 2.1. It would be interesting to compare the results once samsung gets 2.2 on the Epic (where ever the heck that will be)

  3. I agree with matt. 2.2 versus 2.1 is no comparison. The OS differences make all the difference. Look at the bench maker score differences between the two OSs on the nexus 1. If you want to understnd why, search on Dalvik JIT.

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