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mdsocialiconset I know that most of you have already seen the changes we have made to the website layout and the responses have been really great! Thank you for the feedback  too! I am working on a few more suggested changes and hope to have them done this week. If there is anything you would like to see, or a way we can make your experience here more enjoyable, just let me know. I will do my best to get them done and let you all know of the changes. There is one thing I wanted to mention is that we are on almost everything. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS, and Comment RSS subscriptions are available. We really like it when you come to the website however, as the ad revenue is what keeps us trucking a long. Doing this is not free, and it continues to get more and more expensive. So please subscribe to our Social Media outlets and drop by and see us!

Again, it’s really nice to see the support for all we do, so please become a fan of our Facebook Page and subscribe to us via Twitter! But wait, we are not done. We have yet another way for you to better make use of our content. We have created some major sub-domains at Mobility Digest to allow you to better filter the content you want to see. Listed at the top of the main page is 5 sub-domain buttons that you can click to filter the content that you want to see. If you are coming from Tilt Mobility or Fuze Mobility, you are used to Windows Mobile content. Click the link button and enjoy. If you are a fan of David and Murani in their relentless pursuit of all things Windows Phone 7, check them out through the WP7 link buttons. If you are into Android, we got you covered. BlackBerry and iPhone too.

Click any of our Icons above and check out our content and thank you for being part of our community!