Respective fanboy camps are at a fever pitch pitting one product against another and spending enormous amounts of time and data trying to convince others that their choice of hardware is better than the rest. I wonder how many are old enough to remember that Apple and Microsoft have been working together on the software side for a very long time. Quick did you know: Apple relied on Microsoft for certain software and vice versa?

Internally the staff at Mobility Digest recently shared our preferences in a semi-heated manner between OS X and Windows. A lot of times the argument ends up being about hardware and not software but that takes the conversation someplace unproductive. We must remember that the Retina Display, while beautiful, loses much of its luster if apps & games aren’t being made to push the boundaries of what is possible. I’m not sure many people would be ponying up $500+ on a new iPad to get clearer text.  It is with this that I find it incredible timing to come across this edited version of an interview with Gates & Jobs.

Software is king!


  1. Yep, software is the King. Thats why most of the MBP owners install Windows on their MBPs as soon as they get shipped out. To Microsoft, Apple is another OEM. Period.

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