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We need Apple to be Steve Jobs Right Now

Leaked video of iPhone 5 6

The big iPhone Announcement is tomorrow and we’re all having problems finding the will power to sleep. Excitement aside, I can’t help but get the feeling this is make or break it time for Apple. Now, that’s a fairly loaded statement, as many of you know I am probably the furthest thing you’ve ever met from an Apple fan, but even I am excited. To know that Steve Jobs spent his last on this project, to understand it was pushed back so many times because it simply wasn’t ready, just to know that now its ready! That’s a big deal! This could be one of those great moments in tech where you ask a friend 15 years from now “do you remember the iPhone 5 launch?!”

But, something isn’t right. Way too many leaks. Leaks on top of leaks, hardware housing, actually chip set parts, supposedly fully assembled video, it just doesn’t seem right. Steve is not at the helm and everything seems overly sloppy. Its iPhone 5 eve and I feel like I have more than enough of an idea about this device, not to be excited. I’ve had iOS beta 6 from first seed to developers. Nothing special there. Granted, I know there must be a plethora of hidden goodies Apple held back for iPhone 5 day, but still, the foundation at heart is still stale and boring at best.

In all honestly, the industry needs Apple to act and behave like Steve Jobs never left the building. With strong competition from the SG3 and a healthy buzz around the Nokia 920, if these leaks are true and that’s all there is to it, Apple needs to be able to sell us the same song and dance, just like Steve. If iOS 6 is the same ol’ same ol’ but with some decent hardware, Apple needs to be able to hide that from us and make us fall in love once again, just like Steve. And if tomorrow is a combination of the same boring iOS  icon madness and a slightly longer iPhone 4s, Apple needs a hell of a “oh, one more thing….” just like steve.

But don’t get me wrong, we really do need Apple to pull this off. This industry is where it is because they all took chase after Apple. I fear, if Apple fails to pull this off, in another 5 years it’ll be 2001 all over again when technology had no taste. Lets see what Apple does tomorrow!