Wow… it’s a higher fine for talking or texting than it is for speeding in a school zone! I think they need to do this everywhere not just Texas. I hate people who text and drive, I see them swerving on the road and I just have to shake my head and stay away from them. It’s stupid and idiotic to text and drive at the same time, but that’s just my opinion…

Get caught using a hand-held cell phone while driving in an active Texas school zone and expect to pay an average fine of $235, according to a new survey by Allstate Insurance. The company recently surveyed 80 police departments and municipal courts across the state to find out the average cost of a traffic ticket for using a cell phone without a hands free device in an active school zone.  Allstate also tracked fines for school zone speeders.

Allstate conducted the survey to remind drivers across the state to focus on the road and slow down as students head back to class next week.

The survey found the highest fine for cell phone violations in a Texas school zone is $327.  Corpus Christi, Frisco, New Braunfels and Pearland all ticketed violators for that amount.

Highest Fines for School Zone Talkers in Texas:

Speeding Violations in Texas School Zones Reach $312

Police are also looking for school zone speeders. The average cost of a ticket for drivers topping the speed limit by 10 miles per hour in an active Texas school zone is $216. The highest ticket in the state is $312 in Huntsville. 

Highest Fines for School Zone Speeders in Texas:

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"No matter how high or low the fines are in a city, they are in place to protect our kids and save lives," said David Christopher, an Allstate agent in Frisco. "Hopefully, any fine is enough to make drivers slow down, hang up the phone and focus on the road."

Three Back to School Traffic Safety Tips

Allstate recommends the following road rules for back to school:

  1. Drive slowly in school zones. Watch for children in the road and always obey crossing guards.
  2. Put down your phone, breakfast and make-up and focus on driving.
  3. Be alert and patient around school buses and bus stops.


  1. ha. i live in houston and theres a school by my house. theres a sign that says “cellphone use prohibited” and i think it says $250 fine below it. dont quite remember. i bet i could get a picture later. speeding is a $125 fine which doubles in construction and school zone so i can see it being the same. i wonder if you can argue it in court. radars now take a picture of your car, but how do they know for sure you are using your phone right then and there.

  2. Cell phones are an important part of our everyday lives. Keeping in touch with all our friends or clients is important. But there’s a legal limit that we don’t need to cross when we’re using our phones. When driving, we should be focused 100% on the road ahead, not on our phones. That’s what hands-free gadgets are for. When behind the wheel, we’re responsible not only for our lives, but for the lives of our passengers and we need to keep an eye on what other drivers are doing as well.

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