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Bbonnz Restores Order

Don’t you hate it when you have a  million things on your desk and even though everyone knows you’re swamped that doesn’t stop them from walking in and making their issue your priority? Well next time that happens just take out your phone, open CountOnMe from Bbonzz and tell them to take a number and then show that that they’re 55 and you’re only up to 29…then hit the counter to flip to 30 and tell them you’re working on it but you’re just not ready for them yet. Is it passive aggressive? Sure. But it does relieve stress. I used it today while I was on a phone call and someone walked in and acted like I was just sitting there waiting for them and I stuck one finger in the air to get them to wait, opened CountOnMe and pointed at the screen until they took a number, I showed them where the counter was and shrugged my shoulders.  They chuckled and walked away…mission accomplished:)

The download is available here from XDA. It is a free application, but if you support Bbonzz with a small donation he’ll provide you with an updated ‘pro’ version that saves your state on exit, switches between 4 styles of counters and you can disable sounds or the ‘no serving’ screen. We all know it’s gimmicky but it’s the sort of gimmick that’s likely to get used a bunch of times so give it a go and remember to support the developers.

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