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That is not what leak means!

awwYou know what make my eyes roll painfully, what really gets my goat, what rustles my jimmies? All these dumb headlines that Microsoft just leaked this and just last week AT&T leaked that and following two months of being quiet Nokia leaked the other thing. To leak does not mean to package up a tidbit of what you’re working on and about to sell, blur it a bit in Photoshop, blitz sites like ArsTechnica, Gizmodo and Slashdot with it and hope someone runs it. That’s been done so much you can’t even call it guerilla marketing anymore. That’s not leaking. Leak does not mean that.

To leak, at least from a lexicographical perspective, means to release something accidentally, not deliberately and tactfully. The figurative definition has already been allocated, to take a leak. Google leaked and you’ll see sixteen thousand hits. It appears on this site even more, proportionally. We know they’re not leaks, almost all of them at least, so please stop calling them leaks. Stop encouraging these companies.

Or, if you genuinely think they are leaks then we need to start calling companies out on blatant and repeated failures not to leak inside information. That should be the story in my view, that “Company X Leaked Something, LiveBlog Updates on Whose Heads Are Consequently Rolling and Other Fallout over Tarnished Reputation Forthcoming,” not whatever it is they announced, the Sea Doo having state of the art WVGA resolution, intentionally or otherwise.

Also, all right is spelled all right, two words, not alright. Alright is not all right. Stop doing that. I hate that.


Doug Simmons