I’ll avoid making any off color jokes about MS needing to pray that their OS sells (I’ve gone far enough already) but I know for some of you having a copy of the Bible on your phone is a big deal. Well no worries, as that’s covered. Steve Starck has provided a version of the King James Bible (because it’s public domain) for Windows Phone 7. You can choose a book and chapter or the daily reading. Here are some screenshots:


  1. Great, my pastors encourage all of us ministry leaders to embrace tech so the entire minister/dept. head row uses our phones 90% of the time to look up scriptures and follow along. I will definitely be picking it up.

  2. MoodVerse includes a brand-new Scriptures application out and it is geared from offering Somebody passages back depending on the mood. This Somebody app runs on the kind of Bible research called a concordance to provide rear a new Scriptures passage depending on the mood one enters to your telephone. Part of the notion behind this iphone app is to supply quick comments, one particular Scriptures passage at time about your current feelings. Not real difficult to discover in which the brand MoodVerse came from. The other element the actual MoodVerse staff will be proud of is that the software will take users comments so the a lot more is employed the greater it is with getting the correct saying for your requirements at any given time.

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