I’ve never had a phone with even close to this level of interference. If I get an email on my phone my computer speakers go nuts. With my Fuze I used to keep it on my desk about a foot away from my speakers- I never had any interference. With my HD2 I have to put in on the floor at least 5′ away. If it’s on my desk 3′-4′ away from the speakers it still causes crackling. Doug Smith confirmed his car radio does the same thing with his HD2. This can’t be good…and I keep this thing in my pocket!

This has got to be putting a hit on my boys. I don’t like it. One can only wonder what it does to my grey matter. Fortunately I’m not planning on having any more kids, but I do cherish my walnuts.

Anyone else experience this with their phone? Anyone else concerned or do we all agree to ignore this, artificial sweeteners, bike seats and Mountain Dew?


  1. The fact that your fuze never did this is more of the surprising thing. Every Cingular/AT&T phone ive had does this, including my Touch Pro 2. Ive just gotten in the habbit of keeping it away from my speakers. Never really thought of what it was doing to mah boyz.

  2. I used to have this problem with other GSM-based phones whenever they were transmitting data but so far, my HD2 does not have this problem.

  3. If the interference is bothering you, just get some ferrite beads to put around each of your speaker wires. You can buy them online or rip them off of many common computer cables. They’re the big, bulky, circular thing near the end of most USB cables and some power cables.

  4. DT2G – I don’t think it’s the noise as much as it is that the noise reminds me that the radio waves are shrinking my manhood…any thoguts on putting ferrite beads on my…uhm maybe it’s not a good idea:)

  5. In all likelihood it could also cause your manliness to grow and if you’re really lucky your testicles could manifest mutant powers. That’d be an awkward first day at Proofessor Xavier’s School for the Gifted.

  6. If your done have kids, whats it matter if they shrink heck I am tired of sitting on mine all the time anyway!!

  7. i just wonder when any real research is going to be done on cellphones and their effects on manhood. i know some experiments have been done… but i think more is necessary

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