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The HD2 Is Frying My Balls

I’ve never had a phone with even close to this level of interference. If I get an email on my phone my computer speakers go nuts. With my Fuze I used to keep it on my desk about a foot away from my speakers- I never had any interference. With my HD2 I have to put in on the floor at least 5′ away. If it’s on my desk 3′-4′ away from the speakers it still causes crackling. Doug Smith confirmed his car radio does the same thing with his HD2. This can’t be good…and I keep this thing in my pocket!

This has got to be putting a hit on my boys. I don’t like it. One can only wonder what it does to my grey matter. Fortunately I’m not planning on having any more kids, but I do cherish my walnuts.

Anyone else experience this with their phone? Anyone else concerned or do we all agree to ignore this, artificial sweeteners, bike seats and Mountain Dew?