Turns out that the Focus isn’t the only Windows Phone that can tether, which yet again indicates that the OS can tether once MS creates a UI for it. Leigh dropped by and provided us the details:

Install (pretty sure its just the 4.9.7 drivers needed) ZUNE. If needed you may want to install the drivers separately:


Heard somewhere you have to turn off data connection….not so for me.

start with dialing ##634#
password 277634#*#
7.Engineer Menu
3.Port Setting
1.USB Switching
Phone will restart.
Connect to the PC and use dialer on LGE CDMA USB Modem with phone number *99#
**No extra init commands needed**

This is on a AT&T (unbranded) Unlocked Quantum shipped from US to United Kingdom, currently being used on Hutchinson 3G (three.co.uk).
If extra init is needed it would be at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”three.co.uk” I believe.

As you will know this is virtually identical to your Samsung process ;)

Also with these drivers I can get the C900B to register and connect with LG PC Suite ii, but once connected no further action possible. ie: cant open contacts/music/pictures etc

In the US we’ll revert to the AT&T settings:

On your PC you need to change the setting for the LGE USB modem. If you set it to prompt for user name you’ll be able to put in the login info. This is all it is for AT&T:
number: *99***1#
password: CINGULAR1

Thanks for the tip Leigh!


  1. Just need to bribe an HTC insider to get the Diagnostic unlock key. Maybe we can offer him an iPhone.

  2. You can still sync via wireless with this mode operational though ;)
    So you can have
    MS Comp = Zune.
    QC Comp = Tether & Wireless Zoom.
    Still investigating the 3rd mode….. seems to just connect as a unspecified generic serial device.
    It actually reads as “Generic Serial (PROTOTYPE–remember to change idVendor)” lol. Wonder what thats gonna be for ;)


  3. This meny is available on the LG Optimus 7 too.
    I haven’t tried to tether yet, but it should be fully possible as the menu is identical from what I can see :)

  4. has anyone gotten this to actually work on windows 7? i keep getting an error message saying the remote computer terminated the connection or some crap. anyone had problems with this?

  5. @nate: Same here. Been trying for hours today all the different permiations of the logon and not working. Tethering seems to be a huge joke for Win7 Phone. Makes me wish I had gotten an Android phone.

  6. Do you know? I found many website but I can’t see imformation for me. And now, I feel happy because your imformation is very useful. Thank you very much!. 

  7. I got this to work on mine.  However, I am wondering if anyone here can tell me whether or not their LG Optimus Quantum shows the “Internet Sharing” option in the Settings app with the new 7.5 (Mango) update.  Mine does not, but I cannot figure out if the problem lies with the manufacturer or my provider or both…

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