Uhm…yeah that’s about right


  1. While this clip is tremendously funny of course and intended to be satirical, this does raise a new controversial issue we mustn’t ignore — at these Google I/O conventions, thousands of nerds will be given these Glass things for free and you know what’s gonna happen? Yep, that’s right, you are damn right Ramon, they’ll all fly over to the LaGuardia, jump in a cab and tell the man “Take me to Hunts Point!” whereupon they will after dodging a bunch of crazy street racers approach the first dude they see in one of those really ostentatious suits with the hats and the jewelry, they won’t even need to sell their Google Glass because these pimps will go wild for this stuff and will barter up some b.. some pros, ladies who will provide whatever the nerds want (probably what’s known as the girlfriend experience, nerds always go for that).

    The nerds will leave around 6am the next day and go back to San Francisco and Mountain View and Fire Island, they’ll miss their flights because the girls stole their cash and the bus takes over an hour (gotta go down and around Rikers), the influx of Google Glass to Hunts Point may at first sound like it will stimulate the local economy and curtail this particular line of work, displacing it with free gigabit fiber and cute colors and doodles instead of the existing graffiti which is generally either indecipherable or in poor taste, but it’s a double edged sword as the initial excitement will spike up the Hunts Point stock exchange but once the batteries runs out in these things, because the nerds forgot to give them the chargers, these good people will realize just how hollow a prize they won in their exchange with the nerds, famine, pestilence and increased presence of pawn shops and liquor stores will go up and the quality, if you will, of the pros will go down, and not in the good way, Murani, not that way.

    It’s a hot button topic, perfect for the blogs who aren’t afraid to “go there” in general, I was actually going to sell it to Gawker but I thought I’d lay it on y’all as a gift for a job well done on the logo. I’m sure .. ahem.. at least one of your punk ass contributors would love to try to come up with something that rhymes with glass but don’t let him have it, it’s a good story and he’ll make it tl;dr and lascivious.

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