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XBLIG Hit ‘Space Racer’ Now Available for Windows Phones (free)

Awesome. Only 5 star ratings so far and expect more of that. This is a retro style space racer but it’s ridiculously clean and smooth as butter. Here’s the full description:

It’s retro racing evolved! Go head to head against the computer in this topdown 2-D racer inspired by classics like Spy Hunter and F-Zero. Picked as one of top Xbox Live Indie Games for the month of January 2011 when it was originally released to the Xbox, now you can play Space Racer anytime on your Windows Phone! Featuring all twelve original tracks
and four unique ships to race plus all previously released bonus tracks. This version also has global online leaderboards for the top hi-scores and best times. And it’s totally free!
Win by being the first to twice cross the finish line, but it won’t be so easy!
Watch out for black holes, space bombs and asteroids, not to mention the other ship! But you’ll have help from speed boosts and collectable points that add to a gradually increasing turbo meter. When full, it can be used for an extra push you just might need to win.
Each ship has their own unique attributes, such as weight, acceleration, defense, and more that allow them to handle differently. This allows each person who plays the ability to choose their ideal space craft.
Just because the race is retro doesn’t mean it looks bad though! Space Racer features crispy vector artwork and dazzling particle effects! A feast for the eyes as well as ears with an original sound track that brings to mind some of those great 90s arcade tunes. Did I mention it’s also completely free?

Lets do a little video (from the Xbox version):

Get it here for free.