It was a beautiful Friday night in Brooklyn; the humidity was low, the music at the BBQ was right and the Vodka was plentiful! Could this night get any better?

On such a perfect night, it was only fitting the HD2 be in it’s rightful place to assist me in updating my Facebook status as to why the night was so perfect!

And then it happened, disaster! A highly intoxicated friend did the unthinkable. Right as i went to hit the “post” button, he some how managed to stumble into me!

It was like real life slow motion. I watched my only child leave my palm (no pixie intended,) as he fell to his sure demise in bullet time. I swore my reaction time to this horrible occurrence was more than sufficient to save the day, but as it turned out… it wasn’t!

Why must the good die young?


  1. damn im sorry to hear that..did he at least offer to pay for the phone or at least swap with him?

  2. I just had a tear run down my face. I have been wanting to get a HD2 and I see this now and it just makes me sad…..

  3. Your story brings back fond memory’s of my first AT&T Tilt, I lost it in a 70 yard pour of concrete. It’s the only phone I have ever bricked.

  4. It was a long time ago. My second Tilt actually saved my life.
    One of my employees slipped while on a step ladder. When I went to steady him, the nail gun he had in his hand discharged the nail into my chest through the phone and into me. Two Tilts down for the count, I still use the third as a Internet connection for other devices while in my truck.

  5. Dude!! Did you take a picture of the tilt with the nail through it? That would have been a sweet photo and would have gotten some awesome publicity. If you still have pictures of it hook me up. I want to see that thing. Did you have to go into surgery and get the nail out and stuff?!? That must have been some crazy stuff.

  6. Sorry, no pictures of that event, There are supposedly some pictures of when I had a nail through one of my fingers. The doctor was so impressed with it, she took pictures and said she would publish them in an texted book she was writing.
    The doctors wouldn’t let me keep the phone, to much blood when they pulled the nail, instant hazardous waste.

  7. Dammmnn. Death of an infant. sorry to see that, and Lmao @ Bryan. sad stories today damn

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