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The story of a fallen soldier

It was a beautiful Friday night in Brooklyn; the humidity was low, the music at the BBQ was right and the Vodka was plentiful! Could this night get any better?

On such a perfect night, it was only fitting the HD2 be in it’s rightful place to assist me in updating my Facebook status as to why the night was so perfect!

And then it happened, disaster! A highly intoxicated friend did the unthinkable. Right as i went to hit the “post” button, he some how managed to stumble into me!

It was like real life slow motion. I watched my only child leave my palm (no pixie intended,) as he fell to his sure demise in bullet time. I swore my reaction time to this horrible occurrence was more than sufficient to save the day, but as it turned out… it wasn’t!

Why must the good die young?