For good or for ill, The Weather Channel has been my weather app of choice since I got my “iThingies”. I live in the “Deep” South of the United States and we are always experiencing some kind of severe afternoon thunder boomer!  So keeping ahead of those storms is always tricky. Well now, The Weather Channel is going to make it a little easier for you to stay one step ahead of severe weather as they have just announced the launch of The Weather Channel Social.

The Weather Channel (TWCC) knows that o an average day, U.S. users send approximately 200 weather-related Tweets per minute and on an active weather day, U.S. users send between 300 to 500 weather-related Tweets per minute! Significant weather events can generate more than two million Tweets per day!

As part of The Weather Channel Social launch, TWCC has also created 220 custom local Twitter feeds for cities with populations of 100,000 and above. These handles provide consumers localized forecasts every three hours. Consumers can access feeds for their location by clicking the “Follow the Forecast” link from local forecast pages on or can enter their city/ state or ZIP code from

The partnership between Twitter and The Weather Channel makes sense. People already choose The Weather Channel for weather information (100 million TV households, 42 million digital visitors monthly), and people already talk about weather on Twitter (200 weather Tweets per minute on an average day and 2 million a day during significant weather events). In fact, weather is the original social network – everyone talks about it. In its near 30-year history, TWC has helped define both how we see and how we understand weather. Now, TWC Social redefines how we talk about weather.  Join the conversation at

Head on over to The Weather Channel Social for more information and to find your closest local Twitter feed.


  1. All I need is a damn text-only python kind of API thing that just spits back either “maybe bring umbrella” or “umbrella probably unnecessary” not some crazy-ass twitter feed! Damn kids!

    And by the way Smith, what on earth would you do if I set something up that stripped out blockquote tags from your posts? Guess I’d also have to strip out italic tags and quotation marks. That would be some wild stuff right there.

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