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WinMo 6.5 On Your Tilt/TyTN II Never Looked So Good!

I have been pretty obsessed over the Touch Pro II version of Touch Flo 3D. I have always been a huge fan of TF3D. But I have been watching the releases of the Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMS being ported to the Raphael and the Kaiser with a lot of interest. I am not quite sure of the user interface myself, but this is a very stable ROM and REALLY Fast. See for yourself in this video. (Flip your laptop or monitor over on it’s side your you are probably going to get a sore neck, the video is sideways!)

This ROM uses HARD SPL 3.56, which has been a long time since I used. So be careful and make sure you READ the whole thread prior to flashing! The ROM Chef advises flashing from a Storage card which I also highly advise for any ROM flashing. It is quicker and easier, and a WHOLE lot safer. Download the file RUU_signed.nbh and then RENAME it to KAISIMG.nbh. DO NOT MISPELL it either.

Head on over to XDA-Developers to get in on the WinMo 6.5 Goodness for your Kaiser (Tilt/TyTN II) or click here.

You can also head on over to our forums where we are discussion it by clicking here

Thanks for the heads up by david2327!