So the new Windows Phone File application is out. It’s a file manager from Microsoft for Windows Phone 8.1. It’s basic. Super basic. The level of access is unchanged. Want to move around a PDF? Not happening. Want to attach a PDF like Windows Mobile 6? Still not possible.
I can’t even reply to an email with a Word Document to this day. Yes, I can start a new email chain but this whole thing is laughable. You can’t do business without the ability to actually deal with files from your phone. These baby steps are wearing me thin.


    • Not using native apps and not as a result to an existing email chain. I can’t attach a PDF to an email using the email app. The attach within email is just photos. From file explorer you can move things buy you can’t access the directory where pdfs that are emailed to you are saved. It’s a mess.

  1. With Pocket File Explorer any attachment from an email, PDF, PUB, etc., can be saved to the Local Folder. In addition, you can move files from Dropbox/OneDrive to the Local or Downloads folder. From the app you can attach any file, in any folder, to an email. Still can’t attach within an existing email chain, but this is a start.

    Still don’t know how large the file can be (like videos) but guess I need to run a test. Stay tuned.

  2. Agreed, these baby steps are annoying and give MS a false sense of accomplishment. If they want to get back into enterprise attach to reply/forward is a necessity.

  3. I’d be okay with it if it integrated with OneDrive like it does on W8.1. But since it doesn’t, ‘uninstall’.

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