LaptopMag put together a list of what they thin is the worst tech of 2010. Now some are soft targets like the Kin which failed hard. But here are a few more interesting ones and their rationale for making the list:

Qik Video Chat (used by Evo and other Android devices): “Qik’s performance includes slideshow-like framerates, grainy images and frequently dropped connections — over both Wi-Fi and 3G. By the time Qik gets better, Skype and Google Talk will probably offer video calling on phones.”

Google TV: “the major broadcasters (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox) and Hulu all blocked access to their content, and DVR integration is limited to only Dish network subscribers. All of this — plus a kludgy remote control-keyboard combo — made both the Google TV-powered Logitech Revue ($299) and Sony TVs based on the platform a tough sell. We’ll take Apple TV or Roku for $100”

AT&T 3G MicroCell: “While the MicroCell mostly works as advertised, asking users to buy a $150 accessory, bring their own connectivity, and still pay AT&T for the minutes they use is the definition of chutzpah.”

Augen GenTouch78 Android Tablet: This is a $150 Android tablet sold at KMart. “this craptastic 7-inch Android slate only managed to divide Kmart shoppers from their money by combining the world’s most resistive touchscreen with an unauthorized — and non-working — copy of the Android Market.”

So, how did they do? What did they miss? What did they get right? I think they’ll eat their words on Goog TV over time personally but otherwise they’re mostly right if not downright amusing.


  1. Where I mostly agree or have little experience with all their picks but one. The AT&T microcell (using it now to type this from my IPhone) works great all the time. I had no bars of service in my house and now I have 5! As for the price, most AT&T customers know everything is negotiable(wink). And lastly, you do not Have to buy the package with the microcell. You can buy it outright and just use you cell phone minutes. You can get a subsidized microcell which has unlimited minutes which is a great deal to do away with your land line. This is not a fail in my book at all.

  2. Whenever my internet goes out the MicroCell goes out (it requires Internet). Once my Internet comes back on, the MicroCell remains out. I have to reactivate it and it takes hours. Total crap.

  3. First of all, Kevin Bacon could breathe plenty of life into Google TV. Jury’s still out.

    More importantly though, what’s with you and calling Google Goog? Do you see me writing MSFT or even Micro$oft? No, because that’s stupid.

    Goog. What, because it just sounds stupid? Is that the point? Because if that’s the point, having a name, Doug, which shares a similar assonance with Goog, I take exception to that.

  4. @Doug Smith: They never knock the product. What they knock i the fact that a cell company is failing to deliver you the service you pay for and then sell you a second product to make up for that and I have to say, I think they’re right. I mean, if they’re offering you service and fail to then the microcell should be free to compensate you for their failure.
    @Doug Simmons: Uhm I call Microsoft MS all the time…Google is Goog…Windows Phone beccomes WP7. It’s a personal style choice I guess.

  5. Got my MicroCell this morning. Took about 15 minutes for GPS and 3G to connect. I had 1 or 2 bars in the house, occasionally 3, and never dropped a call or had a bad connection so AT&T did their job providing service, although not perfect. Now I have 5 bars everywhere which should make my battery happier without turning WiFi on. Not to mention 9 of my friends get MicroCell goodness as well. What’s not to like.

  6. technically, if you dont have service at your house your cell carrier will let you out of your contract, so in the case of the microcell, where carriers only responses used to be, “sorry cant help you, you can leave us now if you want” at least now there is a second option (yes option, aka, your not forced into a microcell) that allows you service at your house, and in my area, service throughout the state (because anyone other than AT&T will drop a call when im driving through the middle of nowhere). and doug smith’s on the right track.. its all negotiable. microcell is far from a fail. goog TV on the other hand… well thats a whole lot closer.

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