Today is the day.  The day that I unveil a new weekly developer feature column.  The inaugural app is Hush Hush developed by Jackson Fish Market.  Yes, Jackson Fish Market!  It is best described as a multimedia journal and/or diary.  Gone are the monochromatic experience of doodling in your choice of ink on a white paper.  Hush Hush ushers in a new age of mobile journaling.  So whether its you stealing away to write your next great business idea, putting down your inner most thoughts, tucking away private photos or chronicling your latest “What happens in Vegas…” moment rest assured this app is what you need and more including of course the requisite lock feature.


(1) What motivated you to develop Hush Hush? – We were excited to come up with an app for the new Windows Phone that we hadn’t created for its competitors. A personal diary seemed like a fun project.

(2) Do you have previous experience using Silverlight or XNA?  If so, how much? – Yes, we’ve been developing Silverlight apps since it came out.

(3) How long did it take you to develop it? – We spent a few months on it.

(4) What do you look for in an app or game? – Attention to detail and personality.

(5) One thing everyone should know about Hush Hush? – Not only can you add text, stickers, and photos to your diary, but you can have a daily factoid from Wikipedia show up in your diary as well.

A special thank you to Jackson Fish Market for being a part of the launch of this new app spotlight column.


  1. Perhaps there will be way to use microsoft tag to quicly scan spotlighted apps from websites and download them from the phone?

  2. Yes the app is in the market but for some reason I can’t find it by filtering or scrolling through all the apps alphabetically. I had been anticipating this app since its demo back in March so I searched for it using in the Zune Marketplace search bar. Maybe another case of bugs running rampant? How many other apps are getting the shaft because of this? Lets do some digging.

  3. @Murani Lewis: i bet they got it ‘approved’ early on and that hurts a bit. That means that the earlier date is the date it appears in the market even if they didn’t set it to go live until more recently…In my digging I haven’t seen it though and I’ve been pretty good overall so it definitely needs more exposure.

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