I’m sorry but I’m already married to the Lumia. Too soon?

BGR isn’t done with the leaks and they are also stating that the Titan II is coming on the same day as the Lumia 900 but for $200. For me, it’s less about pricing and more about manufacturer but at an extra $100 it will make people consider it. There’s extra real estate there for sure. at 4.7” and a16mp camera.

I’ll say this, I like to see some serious hardware being thrown down. I also like to see the commercials that this is going to have lined up for a March 18 WP7 launch day.


  1. I can see the Titan II being marketed as the Windows Phone Superphone. This will be pitted directly against the big screen Android phones. The Nokia 900 will clean up with everyone else especially because the cost should cut the iPhone 4 sales off to a trickle.

  2. Cut iPhone 4 sales off to a trickle? Are you kidding me? I like Nokia 900 and I think it will do a pretty good job for Windows Phone, but to say it will cut iPhone sales to a trickle is not even close to being true.

  3. I’m with Doug there. It may bite into iPhone sales a bit, with those who ate either on the fence or very cost-conscious, but it’s highly unlikely to deter the Apple faithful or most who are already invested in that ecosystem.

  4. What’s one going to do with a 16mb file? The device memory will be eaten alive, Apple is the only one that get’s it. Windows Phone has a long way to go. These baby steps are sure to keep Apple and Android ahead.

  5. Yeah, I’m completely in agreement with Doug and MartiM. iPhone 4 is long in the tooth, but it’s not going anywhere soon. Some metrics companies are saying that the iPhone has actually caught up to and surpassed android’s marketshare in the past few months… if anything, I see people looking towards WP7 and iPhone more and more.. Looking for a stable platform that doesn’t become obsolete a few months after you buy it like some major Android devices have.

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