Doing what I do, I get a lot of news in my inbox from many sites across the world, and I post it usually in bulk actually, but this one deserves a post of its own. With all the Touchpad news going around lately this one from TechwareLabs caught my eye and I thought I’d share it with you.. So here’s a quote a link, you can head on over and read the whole thing for yourself..

Quote: So you were one of the few lucky people to pick up a Touchpad for $99 during HP’s giant fire sale? After gloating to all your friends that you got the deal of the century, what do you do next? We have compiled a list of the top 10 things to do with your new Touchpad. Read on to find out how to get the most from your new gadget.



  1. Just thinking out loud, and not accusing but what if HP is replacing good components with cheap ones, delaying the release of the rest of the returned Touchpad inventory? I could see an Executive saying ‘let’s dummy these things down a bit and not lose so much Money’. That’s their prerogative…

    Just sayin!

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