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AT&T Samsung Omnia II Possibly Spotted In AT&T Display

Well AT&T has really been the gift that keeps giving lately. As you all know we’ve been hanging out in their stores just trying to see what they’ll sell us and another gift was handed to us today. This time the lcd ads displayed in the store were spotted showing the inserted pic (which we’ve put along side a stock Omnia 2 photo so you can see the metal bezel and buttons on the side).  We know back in July the Omnia 2 passed the FCC with US 3G bands (which was formerly dismissed since that was thought to be a Latin American tag) but based on the shape, size and button layout it appears to be in the flesh right there in their store. To give you some reminders, here are the specs on the Omnia 2 from Samsung’s website (note the AMOLED screen:)) from the Euro version (so ignore the bands):

They’re missing some specs that are included like accelerometer, proximity sensor, DLNA technology and 800mhz Samsung CPU.

If you want to get a sense as to how the interface works just head over to Samsung’s site since they’ve provided a nice web based emulator. 

I want to note that the picture eerily matches the AT&T Rogue particularly in terms of the name placement but that device does not run WM so that’s why it was ruled out. Aesthetically a lot of Samsung’s phones look the same and that’s why it’s so hard to narrow it down (there could be a keyboard under there even). What are your thoughts – is this the Omnia 2 or is there another explanation?