Any rebuttals from the peanut gallery?


  1. I’d like more details on what is failing or not working as hoped / expected. We have a couple of Android users at my workplace and it seems to be pretty solid (and they love it). Not an Android user myself, but I haven’t seen any huge problems other than AT&T locking out side-loading of apps.

  2. Someone’s not happy with Android? Meh. For any given platform there’s bound to be dissatisfied users with twitter accounts. Android’s got em, iPhone’s got ’em, and WP7 will have ’em too. That said, what, may I ask, is your point?

  3. Maybe he’s holding it wrong.

    Wow, Big DK with the Twitter hookup! Glad to see you guys are getting some hot undercover sources for your breaking news.

    Fart sniffers.

  4. Didn’t you guys see the tag? #FB – Facebook integration has been broken in Android for a few days now and there are workarounds for it but it’s not fixed yet.

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