1. Not sure exactly what the first one’s about, what, that Mango’s getting delayed a few days and this guy’s losing patience? C’mon man get with the WinMoPho program! Just stop moving, don’t even pay attention to announcements (unless they include downloading instructions), screw around with the fruity tiles so you have more time to screw around with the fruity tiles and wait, wait and wait for something HUGE to happen, like take-over-the-world blowing lids off huge. Just you wait, any moment, all-in baby, killing off their ENTIRE US Symbian product line forever, woah man etc.

    Thurrott… cut them some slack, you know? The world’s a better place because of Google and you should afford them a little latitude. Hey, I love Google Latitude by the way. But when you say shit like that on Twitter, it hurts feelings (and they know you said it because they’ve got algorithms all up in your business, so maybe there’s some bittersweet irony in that).

  2. Didn’t they shut down Latitude? Oh, it was Labs they killed this time. Latitude has to wait. But I’m really waiting for the day they put Attitude on the chopping block. That would certainly be a +.

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