Short story from the land of bad food and crooked teeth. So Motorola’s been touting the Atrix as being “the most powerful smartphone in the world,” right? Well, the British equivalent of our FTC concluded that Samsung’s GSII was the most powerful and ordered Motorola to stop calling the Atrix the most powerful phone in the world because it’s not the most powerful phone in the world so stop it you codswallops.

In a manner Bill Clinton could appreciate, Motorola countered by arguing that this all depends on what the definition of the word powerful is, and Motorola’s interpretation of the word is that it applies to the power exuded from popping it into the powerfully overpriced laptop dock.

The Brits have a less abstract vision of the word, which is sort of based on the obvious fact that roughly all consumers would assume the word was in reference to the phone’s powerfulness, not the compatibility with some dodgy accessory.

I’m with the Brits on this one.


  1. “Short story from the land of bad food and crooked teeth.”

    Sometimes, I don’t know whether I should laugh or cringe after reading the stuff that you write.

    I did both.

    I fail as a person…

  2. Yep, The bad food and crooked teeth stop them for from over-eating and becoming a nation of Obese people!


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