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Android Gets the Best Hardware.

Example? Samsung’s Galaxy S II. Dual-core 1.2GHz, formidable GPU (either 8 core GeForce ULP or ARM Mali-400 MP GT-i9100), gig o’ ram, 4.27” Super AMOLED Plus, 2mp front, 8mp rear,1080p recording, MHL/HDMI at 1080, HSPA+/HSUPA, Gingerbread and packs 1650mAh in the tank.

Sounds like this monster is thick and heavy as a mother, right? Negative my man, it’s 8.49mm thick weighing 116g. In contrast the iPhone 4 is 18% heavier, 14% smaller battery, 18% smaller screen, and is 4.5% fatter. In contrast to the WP-packing Focus you might own, this one is across-the-board superior (however your smaller screen gives you the higher DPI). Better battery but not thicker or heavier, bigger screen but the same height and width. Plus everything in the first paragraph.

How the hell did they stuff a fatter battery into a thinner and lighter phone? And slap a larger screen on it too? However they did it, the point is no one else did (but probably will soon), and they did it for Android, not Windows Phone. I’m not trying to pick a fight with our Apple readers, take it as a compliment that I used your phone as the gold standard and yes I acknowledge that an iPhone 5 is imminent and that Apple proves over and over that they know how to waltz out every now and then with a kickass successor to a kickass predecessor, so perhaps the iPhone 5 will trounce this Samsung phone overall (again, talking hardware). But not today.


Because of the competitive market to make the best Android phone on the streets, which I think Samsung just did, because of no lockstep release scheduling, you don’t have to wait seven or so months for the new hot Android phone to surface. They’re popping up left and right and front and back and some of them a pretty damn good.

Murani breaks my balls because Microsoft proudly has tighter and stricter standards (which they actually just lowered for the next generation, if there is one). But Murani, I hope for your sake you’re not the type that really really likes to have the freshest and best hardware. Rather, I hope that you’re the type who can distract himself from hardware envy by writing and telling his coworkers about how unfragmented his platform is and how the other platform is an OEM moshpit of chaos and mediocrity because within that moshpit you will always find a slew of phones from multiple manufactures for pretty much every carrier that out-spec your Windows Phone.

True or false Murani? What, your platform is just so damn good that that specs like these don’t matter? Apples an oranges, right? Oh that’s right, you can watch Netflix and I can’t. Good point. Can we at least agree that that lady is extraordinarily pretty, or do you have trouble seeing such things (not that there’s anything wrong with that)?

Doug Simmons