sammySo we’ve been hearing rumors of Win8 handsets coming out at the end of the year for a little while.  The latest is reports that Taiwanese site reports (yeah, that’s a lot of reports there…) Samsung is confirming a Win8 (“Apollo”) handset in October.

This makes some sense to me.  That’s about the time the original Windows Phones came out, and also when Windows 8 is slated to launch.  It follows that if MS wants to capitalize on all the cross-platforming between desktops, XBox, and mobile that they should push everything at the same time.  We consumers are notoriously impatient, and MS would miss a MASSIVE marketing opportunity by NOT pushing everything out at the same time.

So do I upgrade to a Titan II or a Lumia 900 in July?  Nope – I’m holding out for Win8.  I didn’t like the plastic-y feel of the Focus, so I’m hoping HTC or Nokia rolls ready with a Win8 device.

It’s going to be a looooong Summer.


  1. I’ve been eyeing the ‘free’ Lumia 900 with a great deal of gadgetlust–especially when I compare it to the Tilt2 I’ve been nursing along until I upgrade. Still, my plan all along has been to wait for a Windows 8 phone. *sigh* It’s agonizing, though.

  2. I did a family line add on for the Lumia 900 and had them trade sim cards to use it on my primary line. The phone ends up being free. When WP8 launches, I can easily sell the Lumia 900 for 250. That about covers the 2 years of 10.00 per month, and I will renew my primary line for a WP8. The 900 is fantastic. I could easily wait past the Holidays for another phone.

  3. Guess my problem is that new devices will certainly launch in Oct/Nov, but probably not from all OEMs. Then there would probably be a second wave in Jan/Feb. So I would want to wait till then to be sure I was getting the device I wanted. Couldn’t wait that long.

  4. Its the same dilemma I am getting into, whether to upgrade in July or wait till WP8 devices come out. I will try to hold for that long.

  5. If it’s launched in October we won’t see it on AT&T till 2013. Right around the time they fix the keyboard issue for their WP7 Customers.

    They have no sense of urgency and no desire to make their Customers happy. What little they may have once had was forgotten once they began serving iPhood to the adoring masses. Discriminating Customers and their satisfaction are foreign concepts.

    I’d the Nokia way of doing things begins to rub off there may be hope…

  6. I was in the same decision-made boat. Then, the Surround I gave my little girl suffered the “corrupt memory card” failure. If a replacement mem card doesn’t do the fix then I’ll be Titan II-ing it now and probably paying full boat for a WP-8 upgrade phone come the holidays.

  7. @Durishin Wow, I haven’t heard that the Surrounds had that problem. Now I’m getting even more nervous about mine. I’m not sure it’s always charging properly anymore. :(

    @MadSci LOL True, damn AT&T…

  8. Actually, what’s interesting is that the Titan (I) is available on Amazon for a penny today. Arguably as good a phone as the Lumia 900 (at least one with a button arrangement that lets you use a car mount).

  9. I have a Surround and haven’t seen a corrupt memory card error (yet) but I have noticed for the past couple months all of a sudden I get an error from Zune when I plug in the phone to charge saying “Connection Not Available” or something like that – it further explains that a connection from the phone to the internet could not be created. It says you can still sync content between your computer and your phone.

    Not sure if this is the same corrupt memory card error or not, but I just googled it (again) and it looks like Microsoft just posted a support article on this issue on March 27th. I’m going to try their suggestion and see if it resolves itself.

  10. The “memory card error” shows up when you start the phone. Takes forever to boot then says something like: “corrupt memory card…” Searching forums has informed me that the problem is either A) a corrupt card (which one may replace) or, B) a bad card reader (non-replaceable).

  11. I own a Surround in addition to the Titan. Never had any such problems with the Surround which happens to be alot better phone than most people give it credit for.

    The sound is top notch and the feel is solid. Its also small enough to throw in your pocket. The scrolling on it is wicked fast as you can easily flip your thumb the entire length of the screen.

    I use the Titan as my daily driver now and will be upgrading to the Lumia 900 shortly. Like Jim said, there is no guarantee when the next phone that you really want will be released and the Lumia 900 should retain much of its value because of the design quality and beauty.

  12. I agree that the Surround has gotten little to no notice in the last year and a half – it’s been Focus this and Focus that. At first I thought the speaker a gimmick, but being deaf in one ear (and thus HATING headphones with a passion) it’s been really great to have! I don’t use it overmuch, but when I do I’m very thankful I have it!

  13. Well, in addition to the speakers is the kickstand. So it makes a great MOBILE alarm clock for travelers as well.

    Why in the heck HTC thought the Titan, with that big, beautiful screen should not have a kickstand and require a dock for landscape orientation is beyond me…as if I want to have to shove another thing (dock) into my carry-on for a week-long business trip.

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