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Microsoft Announces BUILD 2013 & Talks Blue Updates

In this brave new world of the new “Device & Services” Microsoft where the company had been promising to move more quickly you don’t really expect for proof to happen so suddenly. Today in separate blog posts rank Shaw talks Blue & Steve Guggenheimer clued the world in to BUILD 2013 coming to San Francisco during June 26-28th.

If you’ve been paying attention you’d know that Microsoft have been working on a set of “Blue” updates that is said to hit wide distribution later in the year. Today Microsoft talks publicly for the first time and acknowledges the existence. Of course the leaked build confirmed its existence.

What is more exciting to me is that Microsoft is hosting BUILD 2013 this year in June (last year it was late October). This is definitely a quicker cycle and Microsoft will be getting up-to-date information into developers hands. Topics that will be covered at BUILD include Windows (8/RT), Azure, Windows Phone, Office 365, Xbox, Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.

Registration will open on April 2 at 9AM PST and includes early bird pricing for the first 500 registrations.

Source: Announcing BUILD 2013, Windows Blue