Microsoft SkyDrive’s storage/pricing is changing.  The new tiers are:

SkyDrvie Free: 7G
SkyDrive + 20: Your free + 20G for $10.00 
SkyDrive + 50: Your free + 50G for $25.00
SkyDrive + 100: Your free + 100G for $50.00
(All prices yearly in USD)

If you currently have a SkyDrive account, you can upgrade to 25Gs for your free storage.  DO EEET NAO!


  1. yeah I knew this was coming, they get you hooked, make you use it with poor device memory capabilities, so you end up needing more and bam. Extra charge options. If WinPhone8 doesn’t give better memory devices or options, I will leave this platform.

    I don’t want laggy storage that costs money.

  2. What are You talking about?
    Just sign in on Your Skydrive, upgrade your storage to the 25G space and live with it ever after, for free. It should be enough for You.
    Stop whining You Troll.

  3. I mentioned this to several people I work with, we’ve also noticed that if you’ve never uploaded anything to skydrive before you’re still stuck with 7GB. But if you have uploaded just 1 file, you get the free upgrade to 25GB.

    Really sad, was going to help my dad create an account yesterday in prep for his phone upgrade coming soon to get a WP, but now he’ll only get 7GB.

  4. Ah, that should read “…upgrade (read: keep the 25G you’ve got)…” I’ve barely used it, so I forgot what the current ceiling was. Ah well. My husband has never used his, and he’s going to see if he can keep the 25, or if he’ll be stuck at 7.

  5. “I don’t want laggy storage that costs money.”

    LOL! What are you smoking. This post is complete fail.

    As for whining about the reduced storage, 7 GB is far more than Dropbox offers, and the price plans for Skydrive are far cheaper than Dropbox. I don’t hear anyone whining about Dropbox and it’s high cost and limited free storage.

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